Dubai, UAE Businessman Review “Painless Surgery & Amazing Aftercare” Wisdom Tooth Removal in 5 minutes !

Hi, I am Kishin From Dubai UAE visited Ahmedabad for the marriage function. Suddenly I got start to pain on the right side. I was confused about the pain it started due to jet leg travel or Vertigo. I consulted dental surgeon Dr Bharat Agravat, he is a family dentist of my elder brother for 9 years.

He takes digital rvg X-ray and diagnosis horizontal impacted 3rd molar on the right lower jaw. He advised me ASAP to extract this. I was too much worried about this impacted wisdom surgery because after 2 days I had to attend a marriage ceremony and my younger brother had all ready flied from London UK.

Tomorrow I had to go to receive him at Ahmedabad international airport. But 18th years experience dental surgeon give me assurance it’s required only 5 minutes and after 30 min you can take ice cream and after 2 hours eat food. 

Really my experience with wisdom tooth surgery is very pleasant and no pain  Thanks Dr bharat agravat I recommend this dentist.  My surgery experience!- wisdom tooth removal experience story-tips! visit now……

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